3 days of learning. 4 tracks to explore.
Nearly 100 years of experience.

The Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference—the only conference focused solely on the novel—returns to the West Coast this fall!

Many of publishing’s most respected and knowledgeable writers, agents, and editors will be on hand to guide you. Hone your craft skills, refine your characters, explore the future of publishing, and get the tools you need to advance your career as a writer.




Honing your craft should be a lifelong pursuit for every writer. Work on the fundamentals, or learn new techniques to keep your writing fresh.


Populate your novel with characters your readers can connect with, and keep those pages turning.
Genre Studies


Sharpen your skills in exciting sessions geared exclusively toward writers of genre fiction. Hook fans of romance, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and more, and they’ll be among your most loyal readers.


What happens once your novel is ready for readers? This track takes you step-by-step from revision to publication to promotion and more.